About Us

Woodtek Engineering is a family run renewable energy based company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of a range of renewable energy products.

Our range of products includes Woodchip Dryers, Conveyance Systems, Wet Scrubbing Filtration Systems, Biochar Production Systems, Biomass Boilers, SWIP & IED Compliant Waste to Energy Thermal Combustion Systems and Electratherm ORC Units. We also provide Biomass & Waste to Energy Plant Optimisation and Problem Solving and Small Waste Incineration Plant Permitting and Planning Assistance.

Our product and services range ensures we can provide turnkey solutions for our customers.

We have our own engineering facility, where we carry out the manufacture of our Woodtek products; this gives us full control over the manufacturing process, enabling us to provide quality products. All research and development is carried out by our team, we have great expertise in this area.

The range of Woodtek Eco Dryers were researched, designed and developed by our engineers, the dryers provide an efficient and compact drying solution for woodchip. We have a fleet of Woodtek Eco Dryers installed worldwide, with large fleets in the UK and Japan.

We utilise our expertise to benefit customers by offering a site optimisation and problem solving service. Many sites are experiencing efficient running and higher plant output due to the service we offer.

With over 30 years’ experience in engineering and renewable technology, we specialise in innovation, equipment, and processes for continuous thermal treatment of many types of waste streams.  Our thermal process delivers further emission reduction solutions for operators and local communities as our technology provides heat and power, which can be utilised on site and/or be connected to local homes and businesses.