Eco T2 Dryer

Our range of dryers provides an option to suit all customer requirements. There are three evolutions of the dryer; the T1, T2 and T4. All three dryers come as standard with a user friendly touch screen HMI, automatic moisture control and remote monitoring access. There are various loading options available for theT2 and T4 dryers, which range from a smaller cost effective rotary agitator up to a large moving floor system, which gives the user long periods between loading. The Eco T1 dryer is a manual loaded system for customers who require a more cost effective small scale solution.


The Woodtek Eco T2 is the intermediate drying system in our range. The T2 offers a more automated system when compared to the T1 due to its separate loading system, which allows much longer periods between loading. The two tier design also utilizes our dual pass air flow setup resulting in highly efficient and consistent drying of woodchip.

Drying Figures

Test: Woodchip with moisture content 50%. Water temp 85°C.

Moisture Content Kg/h Electric kWe T/Kw (Test)
10% 150 4 200
25% 250 4 200
30% 300 4 200



The dryer is controlled via a user friendly Schneider touch screen HMI, complete with remote access and monitoring via PC, tablet or smart phone.

The automated moisture control is achieved via the air temperature difference measured across the woodchip, which has proved to be extremely consistent and reliable.

All augers are controlled via solid state motor starters with reversing function to automatically unblock jammed augers.

Item Specification
Chassis Aluminum zinc coated steel
Fan Zeil Abegg GR Centrifugal Fan 4kw
Heat Exchanger Maximum consumption 260kw
Gearboxes STM Bevel Helical 90%+ efficiency
Foot Print Including unloading auger:
5.18m long x 2.8m wide
Height Total - 4.2m
Weight 3400kg
Electrical Connection 3ph 16amp